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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Want a Carter Jenkins Autographed Headshot?

Would you like to hold in your very own hands Carter Jenkins autographed picture? Well, enter our contest to recieve the information, that will have you holding one in 1-3 weeks! To enter the contest e-mail us at You may enter up to one time in each of the following contests.

There are four ways to win:

a.) E-mail us at and supply us with your e-mail.
b.) Submit a Theory and make sure you include your e-mail
c.) Submit your Fan-Fiction and include your e-mail
d.) Submit us Reasons you like and watch surface, inlcude your e-mail.

You may enter in each category 1 time. For letters b, c, and d submit by e-mailing us at Please include your e-mail.

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